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Voice Age Guesser

voiceage before voiceage after

Guess a person's age from a clip of their speaking voice!

See if our estimate of your voice age matches your true age!
Method partially based on the excellent work described in:

[1] Rojas, Sandra, Elaina Kefalianos, and Adam Vogel. "How does our voice change as we age? A systematic review and meta-analysis of acoustic and perceptual voice data from healthy adults over 50 years of age." Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 63.2 (2020): 533-551.
[2] Tursunov, Anvarjon, Joon Yeon Choeh, and Soonil Kwon. "Age and gender recognition using a convolutional neural network with a specially designed multi-attention module through speech spectrograms." Sensors 21.17 (2021): 5892.
[3] Dragan, Alex. "Voice-based gender, age and language recognition." GitHub, 21 Nov. 2020,
[4] Buyukyilmaz, Mucahit, and Ali Osman Cibikdiken. "Voice gender recognition using deep learning." 2016 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies and Applications (MSOTA2016). Atlantis Press, 2016.
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